Fire Service Training

Schedule a fire service end-user radio exercise training for your staff. Our scenario based training will help equipment them. Training conducted to enhance 800 MHz ARMER communication skills, abilities and effectiveness.

Training Scenarios

Scenarios may include: helicopter landing zone, scense size-up, communications at staging, incident command (ICS), special events, weather events and others.

Rescue Task Force for an Active Threat Response

The training is to provide participants with knowledge, skills and abilities to rapidly deploy and neutralize violent offenders during and active shooter incidents in order to prevent the loss of innocent lives with rapid extrication of victims using the resource task force concept to provide a higher level of care for the injured.

Scenario Based ARMER Fire End User

Communications end user training conducted that uses real world scenarios to enhance ARMER skills, abilities and effectiveness. Organizations are afforded the opportunity to select a predefined scenario or request a custom scenario. This course is targeted towards public safety organizations and includes scenarios such as Medical Helicopter Landing, scene situational assessment or scene size up, incident command, staging area officer, fire tanker coordination, scene of action (SOA) channels, special events, weather events/monitoring and many others.

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