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We provide onsite training based on your current working environment and our exercises are tailored to provide a realistic approach to public safety communications.

Program Analysis

Needs Assessment, Gap Analysis, Improvement and Training Plans


ARMER Dispatcher – Training provides students sufficient education and training to allow for a basic level of understanding of the general processes, standards, and procedures of the ARMER system as they relate to PSAP functionality, interoperability, and incident command principles, as well as hands-on functionality of the MCC 7500 console. The training will also provide valuable insight on topics such as the status of ARMER, “dispatch” best practices, SECB standards, as well as interoperability on a trunked radio system.

ARMER Radio User Trainer – Training provides attendees the ability to deliver ARMER training in their home jurisdiction. Training covers Adult Learning, the ARMER system, including basic characteristics and functionality. The instruction includes subscriber functionality on the system. Key concepts include:
• ARMER History and Governance Overview
• Trainer Learning Objectives
• ARMER 700/800 MHz Digital Trunked Radio System
• Portable Radio Operation
• Scenario-based Exercises

ARMER Radio Power User – Up to date Training Presentation to be provided to attendees for their use in delivering ARMER training or considered to be a refresher. Training is designed to update the trainer on the ARMER system, including basic characteristics and functionality. The instruction will also include, trainer networking including trainer learning objectives question and answer session. Key concepts will include:
• ARMER History and Governance update
• ARMER 700/800 MHz Digital Trunked Radio System update
• Portable Radio Operation
• Scenario-based Exercises

ARMER System Administrator – System Administration Training is for individuals who have yet to be trained for ARMER system administration tasks and those who desire refresher training. Both classroom and hands-on system administration functions will be utilized to accomplish training objectives. Topics will include aspects of system administration such as:

ARMER Trunking – Smartzone, Omnilink, basic System Diagram and Hardware components Radio calls and call processing ASTRO Features Basic MCC7500 Console Functionality Private Network Manager Overview Motorola PRNM Suite of Applications (to include the following)
• System/Zone Historical Reports
• Affiliation Display
• ATIA log viewer
• Radio Control Manager

Zone Watch Motorola Provisioning Manager (to include the following)
• Profiles
• Distributing changes
• Talkgroup/Multigroup/Agencygroup configuration
• Trunked subscriber configuration
• Conventional subscriber configuration
• MCC7500 Console systems

Conventional Resource Channels Unified Event Manager Management Software (to include the following)
• Configuration Service Software
• Software Download Manager
• Radio Control Manager

ARMER Incident Command – Communications Incident Command Training is for individuals that desire knowledge in areas such as: basic National Incident Management (NIMS), proper utilization of Incident Command Systems (ICS), use of the Communications Unit Leader (COML) and use of ICS205 form, communications considerations during planning for large to small scale events, Standing up communications during an unplanned event, and best practices discussed with real world application. Course includes case studies and ICS205 form examples.

Scenario Based ARMER End User – Communications end user training conducted that uses real world scenarios to enhance ARMER skills, abilities and effectiveness. Organizations are afforded the opportunity to select a predefined scenario or request a custom scenario. This course is targeted towards public safety organizations and includes scenarios such as Medical Helicopter Landing, scene situational assessment or scene size up, incident command, staging area officer, fire tanker coordination, scene of action (SOA) channels, special events, weather events/monitoring and many others.

Exercise Facilitation

Communications Table-Top, Functional, and Full Scale Exercises

System Administration

Radio System Fleet Mapping, Radio Code Plug, Programming, Policy and Procedure Development

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