It’s almost impossible to plan for everything

It’s almost impossible to plan for everything that your organization will face. However, you will be highly successful during an emergency if your organization recognizes two things.

Two Things You Can Do

First, plans are not static. They are merely a snapshot of where your strategic thinking was at the time you wrote the plan. During a crisis, the plan is a toolbox, not a recipe book. You adapt and modify elements to meet the needs of the crisis. 

Secondly, decision making during a crisis is crucial. Following some simple steps, you’ll focus on the facts and make rational, timely and smart decisions. Others may be panicking around you – don’t let that influence your approach. It is human nature to lose composure and deviate from the plan when a crisis hits. You will best serve your organization by being the level-headed leader.

We Can Help

In 2017, we noticed an opportunity to be a response for organizations in Minnesota. We wanted to help them improve their level of defense. We provide communication, disaster and continuity of operations consulting for governmental agencies and corporations. We offer unparalleled, hands-on experience in the field of public safety communications, contingency development, emergency management, disaster operations, business continuity, all hazard training and loss mitigation. If you need help, contact us.